We Act Radio is a media corporation that combines broadcast and new media to deliver our shows in the formats people use most. You can follow our shows by streaming them at WeActRadio.com, listening on AM and FM radio stations around the country, downloading them via podcast or on iTunes, or subscribing to our YouTube channel.

Our home studio broadcasts from the heart of historic Anacostia in Washington, DC.

We Act’s shows are made up of:
Original shows: Take Action News formerly with David Shuster, MomsRising Radio with Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner, The Alternet Radio Hour with Joshua Holland, and The Good Fight with Ben Wikler—and more
—The biggest names in talk radio including Thom Hartmann, Bill Press and more
Up-and-coming opinion-makers on the radio waves for the first time
Diverse programming: Daily talk, cultural and music programming that reflects our station’s diverse character

Add your voice to live broadcasts by calling the station 202-889-9797
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Wider We Act Community

We Act Radio encourages community members, far and wide, to participate in many ways:
Add your voice to live broadcasts by calling the station 202-889-9797
Join crucial conversations We Act facilitates via Twitter and Facebook
Learn more about topics explored on We Act Radio through our YouTube Channel.
Participate through the program-related communities of We Act Radio, e.g: Ask Cherado, The Education Town Hall, Moms Rising
Share your ideas for additional programming


Community Partnerships

Critical Exposure: We Act Radio
DC Summer Youth Employment Services